Introducing KAI
Elevate Your Global Trade With AI
Who is AVYAY?
Who is AVYAY?
AVYAY is a Silicon Valley based startup disrupting the supply chain industry with cutting edge AI and machine learning technologies.

Introducing KAI

Comprehensive AI Solution

Utilizes Supervised Machine Learning

Global Trade & Supply Chain

Model Cloud Solution

Reduces Manual Tasks and Overhead

75% of manual, repetitive tasks reduced by KAI

AI is clearing away the clutter so businesses can focus on the things that matter.

- Rajen Iyer

Benefits of KAI

Reduces Manual Tasks

Improves Accuracy

Increases Process Efficiency

260% is the percentage growth of the number of businesses adopting AI in the last four years

KAI Product Classification

Offering solutions in a new way to old problems

AI/ML to reduce repetitive transactions by 75%

Engaging the right resources

Today Classification (HTS/ECN) - tomorrow RPS, COO, De Minimis

90% of leading businesses have ongoing investments in Artificial Intelligence

KAI Workflow

Existing classification data is identified and extracted
Historical data is used to train and fine tune a machine learning model
Model is deployed and predictions are served to compliance system

KAI Roadmap

Transportation Management

Warehouse Management Machine Learning

Supply Chain Planning

82% of supply chain managers say they will be using AI in the next five years